Chess Coaching

Interested in learning how to play chess?  Are you a beginner who would like to improve?  Are you an intermediate player looking to sharpen your skills?  Are you an advanced player wanting to improve your repertoire using computer software? Then you are at the right place! 

Hey guys, Coach Mark here.  I am a professional chess coach.  I have played chess all my life.  I am a very skilled and extremely experienced chess player as this has always been one of my favorite hobbies and games to play.  I spent 10 years in industry as a chemical engineer, so my strong math background goes hand in hand with the analytical skills required to be an accomplished chess player.  I have played close to half a million games in my life through various websites such as and  My peak rating on is just above 2200.  I have 2 wins against grandmasters and a few wins against international masters.  I have an incredible amount of experience to share with my students.  I am skilled in the opening, middle, and end game techniques, tactics, as well as having strong positional skills.  I have knowledge of all various types of openings such as the Ruy Lopez, Queen’s Gambit, the London System, the King’s Indian Defense, the Caro-Kann, etc.

I absolutely love working with kids as well as adults and am enthusiastic about passing my knowledge on to students who are interested in improving their chess game.  I have taught chess to hundreds of students over the years, through 1-on-1 tutoring as well as in groups. I was the Chess Club sponsor for 10 years at my previous high school and organized the first ever inter-high school chess league in Augusta, Ga.  Most people love a good challenge, and chess continually offers that unique opportunity.  I am qualified to teach all ages and abilities and am passionate about the wonderful game of chess.  Chess tutoring is ONLY available online.

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